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The Blacklist 2x02 “Monarch Douglas Bank” Discussion

  • Before I drool all over the Liz & Ressler stuff, I gotta say that I love Red and his “hey you might kill me & I might die but meh” attitude in the face of absolute danger. Him blowing into Berlin’s face was fantastically funny.
  • btw, IMO I think Red, Liz’s father, and Sam were friends/served in the Navy together and Sam and Red either betrayed or got Liz’s father killed (or they THINK he’s dead) and Red protecting Liz is his way of showing guilt/making up for what happened to her dad, which is what Berlin was talking about when he met with Red on the pier.
  • Mossad? You know the first thing I think of when I hear Mossad?

  • ^ Not cool :(
  • Okay the KEENLER. Liz knows something’s up but right now it’s just a feeling that she probably thinks is her being paranoid about everything which is why she apologized to Ressler in the end. She was obviously right about him being slow to react. The point is that HE knows it and it’s why he looked so damn guilty in the last scene. Ressler knows he could have gotten his partner killed, but at this point, he’s on the verge of being addicted to the pain pills.
  • btw seeing Ressler all messed up and feeling guilty-

  • And that whole hand on shoulder scene- I don’t think it’s romantic but it’s definitely a sign of growth in their relationship. I mean, think about it- Ressler spent the first 13 episodes of s1 completely doubting Liz (and even in the first part of “Madeline Pratt”) and they came a LONG way to get to the awesome “I didn’t know where else to go” scene. They are partners and just barely became friends. It’s going to be a while before anything romantic truly develops, I think. We know their relationship deepens so there’s more to look forward to this season.
  • AND, Liz finds out about Ressler’s pill problem in one of three ways: a) his little addiction causes him to do or fail to do something important and everything blows up in his face, b) Liz sniffs it out after noticing a pattern of his changes, or c) he gets his act together and confides in her the way she did in him. Obviously, I hope it’s the third option.
  • Can’t wait for more Ressler-centic episodes too.

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Keen & Ressler ± ‘’Monarch Douglas Bank’

K: When Kaja was down, you talked her through the worst of it. We could have lost her. Y o u  d i d  g o o d.
R: You’re right… I was amazing.

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'cause love comes slow, and it goes so fast…

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release me if you want to live

release me if you want to live

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Once Upon A Time Meme: Three Episodes {01/03}
       ▸1x01 - Pilot

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